Founded in 2001, has currently become the leading website in the field of food technology in China. Relying on its own resources and technological advantages, began to provide food safety information service for enterprises from 2009, including food safety information monitoring, construction and maintenance of food standards and regulations database and food rival commodities database, and professional translation. At present, has established a cooperative relationship with government agencies such as Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment as well as several renowned companies. Contents of service items mainly include:

Food Safety Information Monitoring Service

Perform monitoring over relevant food regulatory bodies and media. Select and collate the designated information from massive amounts of information, including relevant laws and regulations’ trends concerning clients' products, important unexpected events as regards food safety, public opinions, the latest food science and technology developing trends and so on.Service Charge: RMB sixty thousand/per year

Food Standards and Regulations Database Construction

According to the actual demands of enterprises, on-line classification, preservation, and construction and maintenance of inquiry system for food laws, regulations and standards shall be provided. The content of database mainly consists of relevant domestic and foreign food laws and regulations, and standards. All the data shall be attached with category, document number (or standard number), data name, issuing department, effective date and date obsolete, original text download, relationship between reference to standards and quotations from other standards, and replacement relationship between standards.

Food Rival Commodities Database Construction

According to clients' products, collect and provide data for rival commodities, and set up digital product information management and inquiry system. Rival commodities database is to act as a platform for providing product-related information online inquiry, relevant data comparison, 360°observation for product appearance and so on.

Professional Translation Service

Provide translation service between English and Chinese, covering relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations, standards, testing methods, monographs as well as product manuals concerning food industry. The range of services includes biology, agriculture, food processing, testing, packaging and so on.